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Rattan Pendant Light

This rattan pendant light is 100% handmade and ecofriendly. This will make your house look astonishing.

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Rattan Chairs

Our poly rattan chair is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It adds a touch of fun and comfort to your garden or patio!

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Rattan Shop

Our Rattan Shop is your new place to turn for all of your rattan needs. Ranging from outdoor furniture, to indoor rattan accessories, and rattan chairs, tables and decor. All made from the highest grade rattan fibers, so you know that they will last for years and are extremely durable.

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What is rattan?
Rattan is a strong, durable climbing vine native to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It can be mistaken for cane and wicker. Rattan is actually a weaving technique, not an actual material itself. The name "rattan" comes from the Tagaytay tribe of the Philippines, where the rattan vine was first used. It can be woven into furniture items as elaborate and stylish as a fine dining room table, or it can be incorporated more into the home design as a decorative feature, rather than a functional one. Read more
How to Make Your Own Boho Rattan Pendant Lights?
If you are looking for a unique way to enhance the beauty of your home or office, you might want to consider the use of a rattan pendant light. Bamboo is not only beautiful, it is also practical, 'eco-friendly', and easy to work with. By learning a few simple techniques, you can transform your home or office into a stylish location that showcases your tastes and talents. Read more
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